Representative Dooley June 9th COVID-19 Update

Thanks to everyone who wrote today with all the love and get well wishes. I feel so much better, no fever, still a bit lethargic- but all good. Maybe a bit grumpy because not 100% and my mood is not being helped by the incompetence of the medical establishment or the government hacks that love ruling from on high.

As I am writing this I am STILL waiting for my slot at the hospital to get tested. I’m not terribly worried but I can’t imagine how others who are experiencing a ton of the symptoms must feel without being able to get a response. Not to mention, as a first responder I’m supposed to be a priority test. What makes me more agitated is that I know there are people that are at risk and they are experiencing this sort of run around - and they are truly worried that if they have this it could kill them. I do find it interesting that I can go to CVS right in Wrentham (plenty of slots), but the doctor wants it to stay within their network so he needs to give it to one of their partner hospitals, so not only do I have to wait, but I have to drive up to Newton Wellesley when and if they finally do call. Hmmm, anyone wonder why health insurance costs keep going up and up. So frustrating and unnecessary. Take your time Partners Healthcare, not that anyone is dying from this virus or anything.

As an update, I got fed up waiting and went to, made an appointment, and rushed over to Wrentham just in time to get in line a little before 5. It was very simple, drive through like you are going to pick up a prescription, a lovely pharmacist asks a few questions and the walks you through the procedure. Hands out a kit and has you take the swab and insert it up your nostril till you reach the plastic stopper - I believe this was about 18 inches long although I might be exaggerating. Once you feel the tip touching your cerebral cortex, you then swirl it around two or three times and hold it there for 15 seconds. Once done you pull it out, wipe the tears from your eyes, and start the process all over again in the other nostril. Then you put it in a vile, seal it up, and drop it in a special covid only drop box. I must say it was super easy and convenient and didn’t actually hurt, made my eyes water a bit but maybe I’m just an emotional guy. Kudos to CVS for getting it right.

38 people died over the past 24 hours that were confirmed positive for COVID-19. In full disclosure, there were 17 reported “probable” deaths in addition to those 38 but I’m not getting into the guessing game. I do find it funny that our government that is “driven solely by data” is willing to come up with such a subjective methodology that is so incredibly flawed that they can’t even do a test for it because data is so important. When people say they want bigger government because they know what’s best -I just look at examples like this and shake my head. So, just so you know, here on out I’m only reporting confirmed cases - because unlike the government who likes to change their metric depending on their narrative, facts matter.

Hospitalizations state wide are down to 1,397 with ICU beds down to 315 with only 202 of those case intubated. 4,630 or 62.5% of the deaths have taken place at nursing homes. This is an area that needs to be evaluated with a fine tooth comb as obviously it was not handled appropriately. We need to do better and have plans in place to make sure that this never happens again. It is the most upsetting thing about this entire epidemic for me, as I believe in my heart that this could have been a very different outcome if we treated these facilities as high risk centers from the beginning as opposed to playing catch up after it had already systematically spread.

As I am sure most have you have seen the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) came out with all sorts of rules and guidelines for reopening schools come September. The arrogance of setting forth such rigid restrictions 75 days in advance only goes to show how out of touch these bureaucrats are. Think of where we were 75 days ago - things are changing so rapidly, why on earth would you set forth a decree knowing the information is going to change 100 times between now and the beginning of school. Heck - just in the last 24 hours the World Health Organization (WHO) has taken both sides on the argument that asymptomatic transfer is extremely rare and I expect they will flip flop several more times before the week is over. Not to mention, their solutions seem overly simplistic and completely unrealistic.

So, to recap: we are going to be facing budget cuts because of covid - which probably means larger class sizes, but we can only have 10-12 kids in a class, and our schools are already over crowded and everyone must wear a mask except those who cant wear a mask but we can’t ask them why they can’t wear a mask - and nutrition and exercise are key to fighting the virus and child development so we will cancel food service and physical education. OK, got it. I think I figured out what happened: the DESE folks broke into the Cannabis Control Commission next door and raided their stash, got really high, wrote down all of their thoughts and in their mind altered state they determined that the unbridled creativity resulted in the perfect solution so they just decided to hit send. That scenario makes more sense than the fact that 20 very learned people decided to put out this pile of crap.

Our kids need socialization, they need structure, many of them need the food and environmental security our schools bring, they need real education. We are the most educated state in the country, we have the best doctors and universities - I am confident we can find a better solution than recycling the same one that they used in 1918. At the very least, wait till we have more solutions and ideas before you put out information that you are going to need to walk back - or worse, refuse to walk back because you are too pig headed to admit that your big giant brain was wrong. Look around: 10,000 protesters on the common, 500 people under one roof at home depot, ton of people riding on the MBTA (except police), crowded beaches, swimming pools, parks, hell, even graduation parties at the Lt. Governor’s family compound all are proving that these over the top requirements are not being followed anywhere else.

Our government failed our most fragile population in the nursing homes, let us not now fail our children. Let us work to create a solution that will protect our children and the teachers and deal with vulnerable situations on a case by case scenario - not a one size fits all edict. If a teacher is older and is immune compromised or lives with someone who is, let’s take care of them so they can work from home and shift our resources accordingly. A child that lives with a parent or grandparent at risk - let’s be creative and come up with a more unique and rigorous at home learning environment. All of our children are unique - we should have unique solutions.

But don’t worry, our government announced today that it will be expanding train and bus service. Because nothing says a sterile environment like a red line train jammed full of people in an enclosed metal tube. No one taking temperatures, no one enforcing masks, no special precautions for high risk individuals. Sometimes I wonder if they really think we are that stupid but we follow along, repeat whatever buzzword is for today, and vote to keep them in office - so I guess we are. See, I warned you I was lacking patience for stupidity today.

Well, before I go off on another rant let me take some more tylenol and get some more sleep. Tomorrow is another day and I know we are making progress as a state. We just need our leaders to understand that and trust us to make good sound decisions for ourselves, our families, and our neighbors.

Stay strong and keep being awesome!


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