Representative Dooley June 6th COVID-19 Update

I’ll be honest, this afternoon when the sky suddenly went pitch black and the wind started swirling around, lightning cracked filling the sky with this unholy glow - I thought , yep, that’s about right, this is what 2020 has been preparing us for - armageddon is upon us. This evidently was only a test, I guess we still haven’t had the frogs and locust so God was like, “oops, hit the wrong button, the end of the world isn’t scheduled until next month."

Unfortunately we still had 55 new deaths over the past 24 hours but the good news is that we got another green light so we are now at 3 out of 6 of Baker’s mysterious, magical, traffic light. We had 575 new cases as we approach 100,000 positive cases in the Bay State out of nearly 700,000 tests.

The good news is the Governor announced this afternoon that phase 2 will start on Monday, not thrilled that he waited till today like some kind of television drama cliffhanger, but I’m happy that it is actually happening. I’ve been pushing all week in every conversation I have had with him to have at least a part 2 to phase 2 which he ended up putting in. No idea if it had anything to do with me but I’m going to take credit for it anyway. I even signed my note to him with XOXO. Poor guy must think I’m crazy but as

CiCi says he always writes back so he must appreciate my point of view. I’m going with he thinks I’m crazy and he doesn’t want to set me off. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

So outside seating at restaurants is allowed! Yay! I cant wait to go to so many of my favorite places in the district. Although the government is still picking winners and losers based on whether you have a parking lot, deck, or sidewalk big enough to have outside seating or if you are stuck being closed for at least another week. If the restaurant can social distance and sanitize they should be given the opportunity to compete.

New recreational guidelines in phase 2 provides that public outdoor pools can open, although (and I get this one) hot tubs must stay closed. Indoor pools can only reopen for supervised youth sports leagues and summer sports camps.

Playgrounds, spray decks, and outdoor fitness areas will also be able to reopen and child care facilities and day camps will also reopen on Monday -all with additional guidance.

Hotels and other lodgings will be able to reopen but no hosting events, functions or meetings. Especially meetings with freakin Biogen - they don’t get to go to any more meetings ever. (Just kidding - although I hope they fired the guy who flew back from China with a fever and decided he needed a free scallop wrapped in bacon app and a mojito.)

Doctors can resume in-person elective, non-urgent procedures and services, including routine office visits, dental visits, and vision care.

There is a bunch more guidance if you really want to have an exciting Saturday night read you can go to:

And as always, if you have questions, feel to reach out. Although I’m getting to the place of just telling everyone to use their common sense. If the government refuses to keep everything fair and allow people to act like adults -then to hell with them.

Looks like some rain tomorrow but hopefully that will not ruin your Sunday. Start calling around to see what restaurants will be open on Monday - they need your support and we need some socialization as a society. Keep up the good work, we are still heading in the right direction. I know it is frustrating that there seems to be a bit of a “do as I say and not as I do” aspect to all of this - but we are the responsible people and we are the ones keeping this curve on the downward trend. I know I sound like my mother - but if all the popular kids are jumping off a bridge it docent mean you should as well. Those that the government are allowing to gather en masse are putting all of us at risk. But hopefully, our hard work and dedication will balance out their arrogance and in the long run we will be the ones that keeps a spike from reoccurring. That is my hope and is really the only thing that is preventing me just ignoring all of these regulations.

Stay safe and keep doing what you are doing! And for those who don't know me - I'm A.J. in the picture!


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