Representative Dooley June 3rd COVID-19 Update

OK - early to bed tonight so I can be bright eyed and busy tailed for tomorrow’s milk-a-thon! Well, since it is 11:30 it wont be super early - but early for me. Seriously, if you know any families in need send them over to Plainridge Park Casino. Easy-peasy, drive in, we put the milk in your car, and drive out. No one is asking you for your name, payroll slip, or anything - and if you have a neighbor who is also in need, let us know and we will send some milk home for them as well. That being said, we only have 4400 gallons so my only fear is if people who come for “free” milk that don’t need it, we might run out for people for whom this milk will make a huge difference.

68 new deaths and 0 new “probable” deaths were reported over the past 24 hours. 425 new positives as the slope continues its downward trend. All the other modeling has the virus decreasing as we continue to move to Phase 2. Which sure as heck better be on Monday. I’m biting my tongue so I don’t go off on a diatribe on the randomness of Baker’s orders and unwillingness to allow local control to make some case by case decisions. Ugh. Rein it in Dooley or you will be still up at 1 am.

Federally the Senate passed legislation Wednesday to provide more flexibility to small businesses that have received forgivable loans under the Paycheck Protection Program, giving them more time to use the money just ahead of a deadline to forgive the first round of payments. The central aim of the legislation is to allow businesses 24 weeks — instead of eight — to spend money they receive and have the loans forgiven. This will be huge for our area businesses as the original plan was completely impractical for many business owners I had been discussing this with.

In the House today we passed a restaurant bill that incorporated the bill that I co-sponsored with Senator Feeney (D-Foxborough) allowing local towns to grant permission to restaurants to serve alcohol outside without having to go through the state licensing process. This is huge since our Governor is not allowing restaurants to have any inside seating so this is their only option to survive. If you are a restaurant in a building with no potential for outside seating the administration doesn’t care that they just helped your competitor and put you closer to going out of business. steady…steady.

Another aspect of the bill was to allow mixed drinks to be sold as part of a food order in a sealed container – packaged so it is clear if the lip, cap, or seal has been removed or broken – and will be limited to no more than 64 fluid ounces. What could possibly go wrong with having a 64 ounce margarita in your cup holder while driving around town? While I realize this might help some restaurants, I think it is a stupid and dangerous addition that wasn’t needed and could have disastrous consequences as I believe it will encourage people to drink and drive. Hopefully I am wrong.

Ok, one minute before midnight. I’m going to bed. Seriously, if you know anyone in need or organizations that have people in need - let them know and have them grab some milk tomorrow. I really hope it helps some folks during this difficult time and also shows our community that we care about them.

Stay safe and keep doing what you are doing.


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