Representative Dooley May 28th COVID-19 Update

Well, it wasn’t quite as sunny, but still a nice day overall. I will tell you one thing - I am sick of zoom, google meet up, conference calls and whatever torture they will throw at us next. I can’t imagine how children sit through on line learning as my brain feels like it is going to start oozing out of my ears after the first hour. While some people might be ok with it - I crave the human contact, being able to read emotion, feel the other person’s spirit, aura, soul, or whatever you might call it - and without it I just have a hard time making a connection. Of course, throw in my ADD and 7 of these nonsensical meetings with bureaucrats/politicians in a row - and I’m about to throw my laptop out the window.

There were 93 new deaths reported today bringing the total lost to this horrible virus to 6,640 in the Commonwealth. Only 675 new positives out of 10,179 test resulting in a 6.6% test to positive ratio. All the other metrics remained relatively flat or continued the downward trend.

A constituent pointed out to me today that not all the numbers of DPH mesh up on a case by case basis and to be honest - I never delved too deeply into it as I assumed it was either incompetence and that would have pissed me off or it was just the way the data was being compiled by different organizations. But since the numbers all averaged out to the same result across all the reports - I wasn’t very concerned. Although his questions got the better of me so I figured I would take a quick peak and see if I could quickly ascertain what the discrepancy was. And fortunately it appears it was just the reporting methodology - basically one set used the 24 hour reporting as its base line - 3pm to 3pm whereas the other used actual calendar date of the event. Ok - this is probably starting to bore most of you so I will end this discussion here, but just in case any of you had similar questions. There is still a ton of information that is not being reported - but thats another rant that you have all heard before.

I’m hoping that the Governor puts out some more data tomorrow and starts rolling out more guidance and thoughts on phase 2 so businesses can begin to prepare. We have done our part - it is time to start to level the playing field between haves and have nots in this “new” normal. We cannot allow our small family owned businesses to wither on the vine and we cannot set rules and regulations that are so restrictive that it does not truly give them an opportunity to compete. I trust our small business owners to do the right thing for their customers (their friends and neighbors btw) a hell of a lot more than I do the multi national big box store whose primary concern is their shareholders. I’m really starting to get frustrated that we are not giving our citizens the opportunity to act like responsible adults and make reasonable accommodations so their businesses can at least survive. Otherwise we are going to end up in an overly sanitized commercial world where our only options are McDonalds and Amazon.

Thank you to everyone who reached out to volunteer for next Thursday. I will know tomorrow how many volunteers I can handle. It is weird having to turn away help as I’m usually a “more the merrier” kind of guy - but we need to keep in mind the social distancing and keep everyone as safe as possible. As an aside- I’ve started reaching out to area food pantries to see if they can use any milk as I would like to be able to make sure they get a good supply as well. Since they are predominantly run by volunteers I’m just leaving messages. So if you have contact at one of these or any other organization in the area that is feeding those in need - please reach out to them and let me know and I can make arrangements for them to pick up enough milk for their organization at Plainridge next week.

I feel like I haven’t hit as many heartwarming stories lately as I’ve been busy bragging about my daughter so I’m going to try to get back to that - there are so many amazing people out there helping those who are going through a difficult time. A good friend of mine owns a barbershop and he is providing free haircuts to people in recovery in some of the area sober homes - even going there and picking them up, giving them a bit of a makeover, and bringing them back home. It may seem like not a big deal to many of us - but to someone who has been struggling with getting their life back on track - looking in that mirror and seeing a new look to go along with their new life can be incredibly important. This is all anonymous as I would love to call him out since he does this sort of thing all the time. But anyway - he reached out to me that he would extend that to anyone of my constituents that were having a difficult time during this crisis - and would even give them a ride (the shop is a few towns away). So if you or your kids need this, let me know and I will help facilitate it without anyone having to know your situation.

It's almost the weekend and I continue to be amazed by the resiliency of our community. Keep up the good work and as always, if there is anything I can do to help, please do not hesitate to ask.

Stay safe,


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