Representative Dooley May 27th COVID-19 Update

Coming soon to a theatre near you - The Milkman Returns! Thanks to all of you who donated to my gofundme page and bought Farmer’s Feeding Families t-shirts (most were delivered today) we were able to raise over $5,000 and this will allow me to help give away another tractor trailer full of milk to people in need. While all the distributions thus far have been focused on urban areas - I thought for this one we should bring it closer to home because there are plenty of people in need in our communities as well. So (drumroll please) next Thursday, June 4th - the Massachusetts National Guard and I will be taking over Plainridge Park Casino (well - the parking lot) and giving away gallons of milk to everyone in need. It will start at 9 am and go till the milk has all been given away. I’m trying to coordinate with some local food pantries to also facilitate a drop off of food so those who want to support our neighbors in need are able to partake in this awesome day as well. If I have the space and the people - I might as well get the biggest bang for the buck as we can - right? Once again, my partner in crime is John Hanselman of Vanguard Renewables - this was his brain child and I couldn’t do it without him by my side. I might be needing some volunteers for this one - so if you think you might be able to help out - please let me know.

74 new deaths were reported today that were caused at least in part to Covid. I’m really looking forward to getting a deeper dive into the analytics of how these deaths are being classified. From doctors I have spoken to here and around the country - a lot of it seems to be subjective as in what qualifies someone as being classified as a COVID-19 death. Some communities such as Massachusetts appear to say that if the person died and coronavirus played any role whatsoever then it will be categorized as a death from the disease. Other places only classify it as such if it was a significant factor. This may help to explain the severe disparities in the fatality percentage between states or even between nations. And I’m not doing this to dismiss any findings or espouse any conspiracy theories - it will be a very interesting case study if someone is able to unravel it all.

Only 527 new positives resulted from 6,663 tests today dropping the ratio to below 8% again. Hospitalizations continued to decline for the 7th day in a row with only 2,106 currently hospitalized and only 556 of those in ICU.

Some good news - One of the areas I’ve gotten a ton of calls on and I’ve been pushing for relief on is with the RMV and learner permit testing. Well, the details aren’t completely finalized so I hope I’m allowed to say this - but by mid June they will be offering on line exams. I’m still working on actual driver license exams and road tests - but this is a good first step and once they get this rolled out I’m confident that other tests will be able to get going as well.

I posted this morning that there has been a huge uptick of fraudulent unemployment claims being filed by horrible, disgusting cretins. So if you, your company, or anyone you know gets notified about a claim - do not think it is an error and please report it immediately.

DUA is working hard to track down all of these scams and hopefully tighten up their systems to prevent it in the future. But unfortunately bad people take advantage of crises and with the crush of new cases being processed - it appears that some fraud has taken place. So, don’t be alarmed if you are asked to confirm your identity as well if you are receiving benefits. It just makes me so mad because these people aren’t stealing from some faceless government organization - they are stealing from us - taking money away that we can use to help those in need, fund our schools, fund our towns, etc.

The new town by town data came out today. Not my favorite list as it doesn’t break out and examine the actual clusters such as nursing homes and other facilities. But if you are curious here is the link.

Well, that’s it for tonight. Hope everyone is enjoying the weather although I went for a run this evening at 6pm and it still felt incredibly warm - I’m sure it had nothing to do with how out of shape I am. But it was good to get out and just be in the fresh air. Keep doing what you are doing - it is working. We are continuing to make great strides and the more we act as responsible citizens it diminishes the argument of those who want an overarching “big brother” form of government.

And the Bruins are headed back to the Playoffs! Kind of anticlimactic but I’m very happy that hockey will be back.

Go Bruins!

Shawn Dooley

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