Representative Dooley May 25th COVID-19 Update

I hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day. One of the upsides of quarantine is that it allowed me more time to reflect on what the day really means - and I am so in awe of those brave men and women who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. I’m sure I am a bit more melancholy this year with my daughter now becoming a Marine and will at some point be in a war zone and in harms way. But since our country’s humble beginnings and up until this very day, our fellow Americans have put the principles of liberty and belief in America above their own lives. That unselfish devotion to strangers they have never met and for people that have yet to be born, is a concept that is so incredibly inspiring yet humbling. We are so blessed that our best and brightest have this commitment to the greater good. Thank God for them and may God bless them all.

Only 44 deaths were reported in the past 24 hours as we continue to stay well below 100 deaths per day. Also, only 596 new cases reported keeping the ratio around 7%. I’m not terribly certain how the red, yellow, green light status is supposed to work since every metric has been trending in the right direction for over a week and they still have 4 out of 6 listed as yellow (in process) as opposed to trending positively. Hmmmm, a trend is a trend is a trend - except when you are dealing with bureaucrats who have decided too many green lights will unleash an anarchy that would rival the apocalypse. But I digress.

Not much to report on the news front except I did want to touch on the latest CDC mortality update that came out a couple of days ago. In the CDC's “current best estimate” they predict that 0.4% of people who feel sick with COVID-19 will die.

For people age 65 and older, the CDC puts that number at 1.3%. For people 49 and under, the agency estimated that 0.05% of symptomatic people will die.

The interesting part of this overall study is that 35% of those who contract COVID-19 are asymptomatic - thus not in the above models - thereby skewing the overall probability of death significantly lower. While this is very positive news - I caution (just like before) that this is based on modeling and is far from a certainty - but significantly more optimistic than the news we were getting a few weeks ago. Even CDC’s worst case projections (modeling) have the death rate at 1% - a mere fraction of what we once feared.

Also, important to point out, this likely model still makes the assumption that we will continue to practice social distancing, wear masks when appropriate, and practice exceptional hygiene. In other words, it's not time to quit what we are doing and think that the threat is gone. We are the masters of our domain and it is up to us to continue to crush this virus. We owe it to each other to stay the course and be cognizant of all the risks that are still there. No one needs to throw caution to the wind and cause someone else to die from this horrible disease.

And although the flyover got cancelled due to low cloud cover - it was still awesome to see so many folks in Norfolk center (all doing a phenomenal job of social distancing I might add) as I and my family walked around. And huge shout out to my fellow Norfolk Lions who once again put together the Field of Flags on Town Hill in honor of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. We do this every year to pay respects and also raise money (on average $10,000) for the Fisher House - Boston. Fisher House is a home next to the Veteran’s Hospital where soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marine families can stay free of charge while these heroes are being treated. Think Ronald McDonald House for our wounded warriors. It is a charity that is exceptionally close to my heart and all the money raised actually go to the families as opposed to some other charities out there. If you are looking for a wonderful cause to make a contribution to this is one of the very best and you can reach out to Norfolk’s own, Jennifer DeLuca, executive director of Fisher House who will gladly assist you.

“They fought together as brothers in arms

They died together and now they sleep side by side

To them we have a solemn obligation

The obligation to ensure that their sacrifice will help

To make this a better and safer world in which to live.”

-Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz


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