Representative Dooley May 22nd COVID-19 Update

Congratulations Second Lieutenant Caroline Grace Dooley, USMC. Well, it wasn’t the traditional Naval Academy graduation commissioning ceremony with the Blue Angels and cover toss - but it doesn’t make me any less proud of this amazing accomplishment. I can’t believe that the little baby girl I held in my arms 23 years ago is now an Officer of Marines. She was always tenacious but also so incredibly empathetic - always wanted to help and put others before herself - now she is putting her entire nation and our freedom first. I can’t express how proud of the woman she has become. And candidly as her father, I fear for the day that she will be put in harms way. She will be home on Tuesday so we can have our own little family ceremony with her - feel free to swing by and honk and wave (she will absolutely hate that - LOL) Semper Fidelis Marine - Ooh Rah!

80 new deaths were reported today bringing the cumulative total to 6,228 since this all began. Only 805 new positive cases out of 10,158. This puts the ratio below 8% for the first time since I began tracking these numbers. That doesn’t seem like much but I think it is such a huge sign. For so many weeks at the beginning we were staying around the 8-10% and then it took off. The fact that we have finally gotten lower than that is awesome. Yes, I know, law of probabilities and so it doesn’t mean anything on its own - it just made me happy.

Hospitalizations dropped another 73 and ICU beds continued to decrease to 628 beds. All the other metrics also continued to decline. So much positive news - I’m very hopeful that this will mean that some of the restrictions will be given a little more flexibility and local control.

Here are some of the rules the government put out for beach going this weekend: (eye roll)

• Beach visitors are required to maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet or more at all times and visitors should maintain at least 12 ft minimum distance between toweling/beach blanket areas.

• Organized ball games should not be an allowed activity including, but not limited to, volleyball, Kan Jam, spikeball, football, soccer, kadima, and bocce. (This is what the state put out and I would like to point out that Kan Jam is not a ball game. Obviously someone googled games to play at the beach and this is the list that they came up with. No discussion of frisbee or tossing a ball - so I’m honestly confused as to the purpose of the list in so much as kadima is just paddle ball between two people who are probably in the same 12 foot officially approved toweling area.)

• Beach visitors shall abide by social distancing standards for bathroom lines and follow any established visual guidelines for maintaining a 6’ distance in all restroom facilities. I have no idea if they are going to close off every other stall in the ladies room but guys already abide by the 6 foot rule at urinals except at sporting events.

• A minimum distance of 6 feet shall be maintained between lifeguards and between the public and lifeguard stands unless in the case of an emergency. Thank God they put in that last part - I hope they really clarified that as I can just picture a Saturday Night Live character - the hyper germaphobic lifeguard refusing to touch anyone while they are in need of rescue.

* Trash facilities will be extremely limited so make sure you plan on bringing your

trash home with you.

I do find it ironic and kind of sad that our government is putting out this level of restrictions (there’s a bunch more - I’m just summarizing the highlights) for Memorial

Day Weekend. You know, that day we honor those veterans who gave their lives so we could live in a country that was the very embodiment of FREEDOM. I appreciate the

guidelines and everyone doing their part - but the overarching theme of big brother watching is more Orwellian than I ever thought I would see in our nation.

And a huge shout out to JoAnne Malone Mulligan - my dear friend and worker extraordinaire who knew I was a little overwhelmed and called and said - leave out the masks and I will bag them up and get them ready for the fence. So thanks to this special lady - the mask fence will be fully stocked tomorrow by 10am. Since it is Saturday I’m going to try and sleep in and have a nice relaxing coffee in bed with my beautiful bride. There are 8 masks per bag - so if you do not need them all, please share with some friends and neighbors. And none of this would be possible without the amazing folks at Charles River Apparel who keeps the supply for our community coming - totally free of charge!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend and seriously - please keep in mind all of those brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. This isn’t

the first time our great experiment of liberty and equality has been tested, and it won’t be the last - but it is our duty to remember their sacrifice and do everything we can to

make sure that they did not die in vain.

May God bless all of you and God bless America,


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