CVS in Wrentham to offer drive-thru Covid tests by appointment

Ok - I can announce it now - starting tomorrow the CVS at Wampum Corner in Wrentham will have drive through Covid testing.

After making an appointment (you can’t just show up) and verifying eligibility for the test online, you will drive up to the pharmacy window, take a test kit from the pharmacist, and swab your own nose (no one is going to do this for you) in their car. These swabs are shorter and only have to be inserted into the nose. You will then put the swab in its transport container, place the container in to a storage bag, and put the bag in a larger container just outside the pharmacy window. The kit is sent off for testing and results come back in three days. Easy peasy!

Stay in your cars - this is drive up and by appointment only. Do not go inside the CVS especially if you are sick.

Wrentham is not an option on the website as of this moment -but will be by tomorrow. Go here to make an appointment:

This testing is still for those who are being told by their doctor to get a test- or high risk group - not to determine if you have the antibodies or not currently sick.

I’ve been pushing for this and thanks to many cvs employees who live in the area we were able to make this happen!

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