Representative Dooley May 20th COVID-19 Update

Can you believe it is almost Memorial Day weekend? Since Saint Patrick’s Day it has all kind of a blur and it feels like that was another world ago. I think what is so hard has been all the uncertainty, competing narratives, and daily misdirection. I don’t say that to be critical - no one understood what was going on and everyone was trying their best - but in hindsight we look at so many things differently and wonder why we didn’t do this or did do that.

Unfortunately, our total death toll went over 6,000 today as 128 new deaths were reported. While this is an increase and the first day in the past few over 100, the trend remains downward. 1,045 new positive cases out of 13,013 tests today which is only 8% (although DPH is reporting the ratio as 14% - so I’m assuming they just made a math error or their reporting number is off).

Over the past month we have seen a cumulative decrease in positive test results of 67% and a 44% decrease in deaths due to Covid. During this same period we have seen a 30% decrease in hospitalizations and a 38% decrease in hospitals using surge capacity. All positive news.

In the legislature today the House passed a 1.63 BILLION dollar IT (spending) Bond bill that included over 100 million dollars of earmarks (pork spending). While I’m not going to argue against the need for further investments in out internet and technology infrastructure - I do not believe now is the time to take on additional debt. Everything is up in the air and we already know that we are at least 6 billion dollars below our anticipated revenues for the coming fiscal year. I think this sends the wrong message and my sole focus is making sure that we make our towns whole in chapter 70 (schools), Chapter 90 (roads) and all other local aid. To have an election year spending bill like this seems to fly in the face of common sense and I think sends the wrong message to all the business owners who are struggling, teachers who are getting pink slips, and everyone who is worried what will happen if the economy doesn’t rebound. I also fear that the rating agencies will look at this cavalier attitude and business as usual mindset as worrisome. Because of these reasons I voted both against the earmarks and since they passed and were in the final bill, I also voted against that as well. The overall bill still passed overwhelmingly. Guess we aren’t worried and assume the fed will just simply bail us out. This doesn’t seem like leadership to me. sigh.

AAA will now be able to do many RMV functions - but only for members. Go to their website for complete details. No - this does not include new driver testing, etc. I’m trying to get some relief on that but no news yet. The Attleboro RMV will be opening for business clients only- dropping off commercial bundles and B2B transactions. Not for us common folk but if you know what they mean by bundles than starting on the 26th - this is an additional option for you.

I will have some news tomorrow about some additional Covid testing sites in our area. I’m not allowed to say until the administration releases it in the morning - I’m probably not even supposed to be hinting at it but you guys know what a rebel I am. LOL

Have a great night and enjoy sunny and 70’s - like I said yesterday, it is good for the soul. Keep doing a great job at preventing this virus and as always, if there is anything I can do to help you and your family during this difficult time, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Stay safe!


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