Representative Dooley May 17th COVID-19 Update

The love of my life still has a migraine - although she jumped out of bed and made sure the house was perfect when she saw the news van pull up. LOL I married so far out of my league - and I get reminded of it every single day. Its funny, earlier today I posted about the pre-release of the Phase 1 plan and my buddy Scott Zolak shared it and then Gerry Callahan tweeted it (getting some major love from the Sport radio gods!) and boom, my phone started blowing up. So I went from working in the yard with the kids to hopping in the shower and had 3 television interviews (2 zoom and 1 in person) and then phone interviews with the Globe and Herald. As an aside, it was so cute during the interviews all my kids hid upstairs and were perfectly silent - although I spent half my time waiting for a blood curdling scream because one of them teased one or the other.

For the second time in a week less than 100 deaths were reported. Not that 92 people dying is something to celebrate - it does continue to give us hope that we are headed in the right direction. 1,077 new cases tested positive but that was only a ratio of 8%- the lowest ratio since March. Very positive news but again - caution as we have often seen the numbers artificially low on the weekend.

Tomorrow the Governor lays out his reopening plan. Not thrilled with what I have seen leaked thus far and I must say that I am a bit miffed that his panel shared it with some chosen groups but not with the legislature or the citizens of the Commonwealth. If it was so incredibly secret, why give anyone a heads up and if it wasn’t a big secret why not let everyone know as soon as they had the information to give people more time to prepare.

I’m hopeful that what the Governor presents tomorrow will have much more information, be comprehensive, and give us a real plan to begin opening the economy back up safely and thoughtfully.

I was chatting with my friend Michael Andelman tonight (phantom gourmet and Mendon drive -in) and he is ready to open! I can’t think of a safer way to watch a movie than everyone staying in their own cars. Especially since the drive in just across the border in Rhode Island is crushing it every night. Anyway, this is his marquee at the drive in. And since he usually isn’t terribly political - I think the fact that he is willing to put this up there shows the level of frustration that many small business owners are feeling. Fingers crossed for him and many others tomorrow.

Let’s have a great week and no matter what phase 1 says - let’s stay the course and do the right thing. We still need to continue to social distance, wear masks, and make sure we protect the most vulnerable amongst us.

Stay safe and be kind!


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