Representative Dooley May 16th COVID-19 Update

Caroline had her unofficial ceremony today at the Academy and it killed me that I couldn’t be there with her. No one allowed to watch and these are a couple of the photos released by the Academy (those in the black jackets are the Marines). It isn’t official till the 22nd when they do the virtual graduation commissioning but she took the oath to serve as an officer in the United States Marine Corps and I couldn’t be more proud. I feel bad for her as this is so anticlimactic. From day one they are taught that they are one unit, only as strong as the weakest link, and never leave anyone behind. But today there was only a fraction of them there due to social distancing and she couldn’t be there celebrating with her best friends, crew teammates, and some of her dearest friends. I know this isn’t the end of the world but I feel bad that it wasn’t as special as it should have been. All of these amazing young men and women deserve to be celebrated with every bit of the tradition as well as all the pomp and circumstance. But this is 2020 - and disappointment is the norm. I love and miss my daughter but I’m so proud of her, wish there was more I could do - wish I could hug her and tell her in person.

113 people passed away within the past 24 hours and 1,512 new positive cases were reported out of 12,410 tests. Hospitalizations dropped by another 75, but most of the other metrics stayed flat with a downward trend.

The Governor and the City of Worcester came to an agreement to allow the Adams Square Baptist Church service tomorrow. I don’t think this changes his rules for the rest of the Churches in the Commonwealth as there wasn’t any further guidance on this. That being said, earlier this evening a Federal judge ruled that North Carolina governor’s coronavirus restrictions violate religious expression. So, I assume there will be much more movement regarding this in the Governor’s announcement on Monday. If not, I assume it will end up in court. I just don’t understand how one church (who decided to sue) is allowed to open and others aren’t. This piecemeal method of governance is very disconcerting and I think sends the wrong message.

Well, our ‘Embarrass Our Kids for Life’ Facebook Live event is being kicked to tomorrow night as CiCi has a migraine and since I’m the most caring husband in the world I am not making her perform this evening. LOL. I hope everyone had a wonderful day and were able to get out and about and enjoy this beautiful spring day. Short post tonight, off to get my bride some ginger ale!

Keep being awesome and moving forward!


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