Representative Dooley May 12th COVID-19 Update

Another day in the never ending whatever we are calling this phase! I hope everyone had a good day, I had a wonderful day. Its funny how a couple of little things going right can change your entire perspective. Nothing earth shattering, just a few issues I’ve been helping some people with got resolved, the kids were silly, and I got a call from an old friend where we didn’t say much but had a ton of laughs. You know - that perfect call when someone asks you what you spoke about and you honestly say nothing but it meant everything. I hope you had a good day as well.

33 people passed away over the past day and while that is still incredibly sad, this is the lowest the death rate has been in over a month so that gives me hope. It is weird, it seems like forever since this number has been below 100. What strange days we are living in.

Also, only 870 new positives as well although overall tests were down so the ratio remains at 13%. Hospitalizations ticked up a little but we are still significantly down over the past two weeks. All the other metrics continued to remain level with no abnormal fluctuations.

Every day that the curve is flat or down is significant and gets us one step closer to getting back to normal.

I can’t stress how strongly I feel that we must get back to a real normal. I have been bothered ever since the Governor’s press conference yesterday. While we must proceed cautiously and with common sense, our nation was not created by fearful men and women. It is not who we are at our core and while the world is a much different place than 240 years ago but our principles are based on human liberty and freedom. I hope I’m not sounding like a fox news commercial but I do feel that we must continue to nurture our uniquely American spirit. And while we created a government whose purpose is to protect us, we need to make sure the power remains with the people and for the people. The American “can do” attitude and willingness to overcome must continue to be nurtured and not be stifled. Having our government try and change the rules by creating their “new normal” is a very disturbing mentality and I cannot just sit by and blindly trust that it will all work out in the end.

It is my hope that Governor Baker will pay attention to all the people who have expressed their concern with the lack of plan and direction. We can not be complacent to emerge from this crisis to a world where we have lost any of our freedoms. Obviously part of that is on us - we need to continue to take this epidemic seriously and do our part, act like responsible citizens, wear our masks, take precautions, social distancing, good hygiene, and make sure we protect the most vulnerable. This way we continue to progress as our scientists work on a vaccine; because if we fail in these simple actions, it will give those who want more control the excuse they need to seize it. We cannot let that happen and it is in our hands so be Phase 3 “vigilant” (sorry, couldn’t resist).

Hopefully, we will hear more details tomorrow or Thursday. It doesn’t make sense that we are forced to wait till Monday to let businesses know that they can open and implement mystery restrictions and safety protocols. That is just common sense. I know the Governor said it would be done by then but I and others are pushing for the administration to release any guidance as early as possible, even if it must be released piecemeal. It isn’t Christmas morning, there is no need for some grand dramatic reveal.

And yet again, I am blown away by the generosity of people in our community. Emma, a KP junior, wanted to do something to help people during this difficult time so she began sewing masks and selling them to raise money for charity. Her goal was $1,000 but there was so much interest that the kept sewing and sewing more and more masks - and not only was she able to make a sizable donation to the COVID-19 fund but she raised so much that she was also able to donate to several other charities that were helping with this crisis including Farmers Feeding Families. Thank you Emma, I am so grateful that there are people like you in the world.

Well, I didn’t get to the store today to buy bags to fill with masks for my fence so hopefully I will be able to do that tomorrow. Have a great day today and stay safe. We got this and I have faith that we are moving in the right direction. Keep being awesome and looking out for your neighbor. Because if we are all working together, nothing can stop us.

Thank you for being you!


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