Representative Dooley May 10th COVID-19 Update

Happy Mother’s Day, or is it, Mothers’ Day - guess we can go either way. I hope everyone had a wonderful day. It is a little surreal doing all of this during quarantine, but thank God for FaceTime, etc as it makes the connection a little better. Please say a special prayer for all of those who this is their first mother’s day since their mom has passed and for those whose mom is sick - especially with this damn coronavirus attacking so many of our seniors. It is so heart wrenching and I can’t even imagine what they are going through.

139 people were reported as having passed today, so about the same as yesterday and this brings the total reported deaths to 4,979. This puts us as the 4th highest death rate per state with 70 per 100,000. We are only behind New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Very odd that the Eastern Seaboard from DC to Massachusetts has such a higher death per 100k - with 8 out of the top 10 being in this swath. What I find even more interesting is that the two of the earliest hot spots have significantly lower mortality with Washington State being 12/100k and California being 7.

1,050 new cases were confirmed today out of 11,852 tests - which puts the positive to reported ratio at 9% which is the lowest we have seen since mid March. Again, caution as it is Sunday and the reporting seems a little wonky over the weekends.

ICU cases remained flat at 810 beds statewide and for the 4th day in a row, those who need hospitalization dropped by a significant number (101). The 4 day cumulative drop of COVID patients that are in the hospital is 434 and the 13 day drop is 764 with only 3 out of 13 having increases at all. There are still 3,128 corona patients in the hospital so we are still no where near out of the woods, but it is still very positive news.

Nursing Homes and Long Term Care facilities remain the most troubling statistic. 336 facilities have at least one case and 16,224 residents or workers are infected. Out of the nearly 5,000 deaths in Massachusetts, 3,001 were in one of these facilities - that’s over 60%. This is an area we need to spend even more focus on, although I think the problem is that the population is just so compromised, that once the virus gets in it progresses so easily.

Not much else to report except that over the past two days I have noticed that I have been quite a bit on edge. Little things that totally shouldn’t really seem to bother me now do and I was way more annoyed by trying to get my kids to fix up CiCi’s workout room than I should have been. Literally stormed off 4 times saying “this is your mother’s day present to your mother, if you don’t want to do it then don’t!” Stomp, stomp, stomp, mumble, mumble, mumble. - ok maybe a raised voice or two beyond the mumbles. And they were just being typical kids although I guess I was hoping they would suddenly change, take charge of the project completely, and do it all without complaint or making more of a mess in the process.

But I realized that maybe some of this stress, quarantine, new normal, budgetary restrictions, and uncertainty was getting to me. And I think it is getting to all of us. So, I’m not sure what the solution is but I suppose recognizing it is the first step. Maybe I will try some meditation or yoga, as you can see I’m finishing this much earlier so hoping getting more than 4 hours of sleep will help a bit, a little more prayer, and a lot more listening. And if any of you out there have experienced the same thing, please let me know what worked (or didn’t work) for you. I don’t play golf and I’m not much of a drinker. I think becoming a lottery winner will help but I first need to buy a ticket. Anyway, just thought I would share in case someone else was feeling the same way and to say you are not alone, we will get through this, we are stronger together, and just remember to breathe.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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