Representative Dooley May 9th COVID-19 Update

Quick post tonight. Been working with the kids on their mom’s Mother’s Day present and just came up stairs and still not finished. So we will be up in the morning bright and early. I thought I got easily distracted - but damn, my boys have the attention span of a flea with ADHD. No idea where I get that from, most be their mother. Lol.

138 people passed away in the last 24 hours but we continued the downward slope of the virus. 207 fewer people are hospitalized over the last 48 hours dropping the overall hospitalization rate to 4% which is phenomenal news. And those that are in ICU dropped to 814.

The test to positive ratio continues to hover around 12% with 1,410 new positives reported today. All the other metrics reported around the same as they have been so we continue to be flat or down on every measure.

Rhode Island Begins Phased Reopening and they are no longer under a stay-at-home order as of Saturday, and many businesses will begin a gradual process of returning to open operations. Under a new policy Gov. Gina Raimondo announced Thursday, non-critical retail stores can open their doors to customers so long as they follow capacity limits, while other businesses such as manufacturing and construction can also open. However, recreation and close-contact businesses -- ranging from movie theaters to hair salons -- are still closed.

In Massachusetts- Gun stores can now be open thanks to a federal judge, golf courses can be open thanks to two Worcester county courses calling the governor’s bluff and daring him to shut them down, and thanks to Governor Baker florists can make deliveries.

Never thought the state that brought us Buddy Cianci - would be more on top of things in respect to liberty, freedom, and actually having a plan to reopen their economy than Massachusetts. But hey, we have a blue ribbon task force with a report than no one can see. Ugh.

Anyway, before I jump up on my soapbox again I’m going to hit the hay. I hope every mom out there has a wonderful day. I am incredibly blessed to have an amazing mom (quarantined in Virginia), an awesome mother in law (quarantined in Millis), and the love of my life who is an incredible mother to our children.

God Bless you all and have a wonderful Sunday.


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