Representative Dooley May 5th COVID-19 Update

As I seem to say more and more these days, the Lord works in mysterious ways. Maybe I am just more aware of the little blessings with all the sadness and anguish that now seems to seep into every corner of our lives. This morning I was feeling somewhat fragile - I had just received two particularly nasty emails (partisan nonsense unfortunately - by far the worst aspect of my job) and that piled on top of everything else was really setting the tone for my day. I had to mail some bills (also not helping with my happiness quotient) and when I got to the mailbox I discovered a handwritten letter. (Isn’t it weird that now is worthy remarking on?) And as I walked back into the house I noticed a bag with a beautifully wrapped box in it next to the door that I hadn’t noticed two minutes prior. Reminder to self - slow down and take in your surroundings, stop and smell the roses because there might be a present that you are going to miss if your eyes are too busy reading emails and texts on your phone. Anyway, since I am still 12 at heart - I opened the package first and in it was this adorable ornament with my “holy cow” from last Friday’s post. Along with it was an incredibly sweet note with way more praise than I deserve. Ok - mood is dramatically improving, now on to the letter. When I opened it I found five handwritten pages done in a beautiful, textbook cursive that my third grade teacher Sister Martha would have been envious of. Anyway, this woman who I have never met and doesn’t even live in my district was writing me to tell me about the things she did for my marathon challenge - 26.2 acts of kindness. She also went on to tell me about herself and her family, where they came from and the losses she has suffered throughout her life. Most importantly she shared with me her faith in God - it was inspiring and exactly what I needed. It was incredibly sweet and she said that these little nightly posts mean so much to her and she wanted to thank me for being there. What struck me the most was that she isn’t able to read them herself; one of her dear friends calls her every night to go over the days events and part of their nightly routine is that her friend reads my post to her. Ok, crying now and so not worthy of this love from a total stranger. My outlook on life completely turned around and I am once again amazed at how sincerely blessed I am to have this job as it allows me to come into contact with such amazing and wonderful people. Thank you everyone for letting me be a part of your lives.

Unfortunately the deaths reported today increased to 122 although that is still averaging downward over the past week and partially due to the disparity we seem to get with weekend reporting coming in on Mondays. Reported cases also went up a little to 1,184 and the ratio also bumped to 13%. Again, overall trend still remains down so it is not terrible news.

Hospitalizations and ICU beds being occupied by covid patients also remained flat. All the other data coming out of DPH remained stable (flat) which is also a very encouraging sign.

Had a conference call with the Governor and Lt. Governor today and they repeatedly stressed that May 18th is not a magic date and things will NOT be flipped on then. They remained guarded about exactly what the plan is and they were focused on working all that through with the reopening task force. Not what I was looking for and I hope they realize that they need to start putting forth something - even if it is rough sketches as to how and when this is all going to roll out or they are going to start to lose major segments of the population. When people are told the truth and what to expect and they can wrap their minds around it - they might not like it but they can accept it and deal with it. When you give them no direction and allow their minds to run amok with crazy scenarios fueled by “experts” on social media - you are just waiting for an explosion.

They have opened up a portal where you can submit comments and suggestions to the reopening board which, if you have an opinion, I suggest you let them know.…/submit-comments-to-the-reopening-adv…

There were some lifting of restrictions allowing some retailers to have some employees back to work to fulfill orders placed on line or over the phone provided that there is no access for the public and strict social distancing guidelines are followed and masks are worn. This was a big push by the retailers association to allow florists as well as other businesses some flexibility to start getting back to normal - or at least the new normal prior to Mother’s Day. BTW- Sunday is Mother’s Day - Do NOT Forget!

Tomorrow will be the first remote formal session of the House of Representatives and given the fact that I’ve already received a dozen conflicting emails (this evening alone) in an attempt to give directions on policies, procedures, and other necessary facts - I’m anticipating it will be an absolute cluster (or some other more colorful term of art). Fortunately, the only bill of note that we are taking up is the bill so we can actually fund and run our government now that we have kicked the tax filing deadline till July. So, unless someone tries to load it up with pork and other nonsense - it should be relatively uncontroversial.

Well, I’m exhausted and I sure you are as well. At least mentally. Tomorrow is hump day and lets hope we continue to trend downward on this disease. Tomorrow is also mask day. If you are in public (inside or outside) and you cannot social distance or you are in a store such as the hardware or grocery store - you must wear some sort of covering over your nose and mouth. I’m figuring it is a good time to break out the turtleneck - fashionable and when someone approaches - BAM (Baker Approved Mask)! *And if you are that person who reads my posts to try and find something to complain about and write me a nasty note - this was an attempt of a little levity - try smiling and putting your energy into helping people as opposed whatever nonsense you feel is your mission in life. LOL

I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful day and please pray for no rain on Thursday for my Milk-A-Palooza! So not looking forward to standing in the rain for 9 hours (and yes, I am so sweet I might melt)

Keep being awesome and thank you for all your love and positive vibes!


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