Representative Dooley April 30th COVID-19 Update

I chose Abraham Lincoln for my picture tonight because he was a great leader during one of our nations’s most difficult times. And while he accomplished many things, I would like to think that his greatest achievement was honesty. No matter what happens and while I never mean to offend, I promise you that I will tell you what I honestly believe- and while we definitely won’t agree on everything - I hope you respect me for never trying to spin things and be a typical politician.

I got a very cool letter today from one of my Facebook friends in response to the challenge I put out earlier this week on doing a random act of kindness. I won’t go into the details but it was very sweet and it totally made my day and I was in a great mood for the rest of the night. So, keep doing these random acts - I didn’t even realize I was a little melancholy until I read this and my outlook completely turned around.

Unfortunately 157 people passed away but that is nearly 100 less than yesterday so we are back on average for the past week. It is important to realize that the averaging is critical because of the variability of reporting. Often labs are sporadic in when they are able to process the results for a variety of different reasons so you cant weigh a single outlier too heavily. New cases stayed even with 1,940 which equals about a 19% test to positive ratio so that remains pretty flat as well.

Hospitalizations also went down by 53 and ICU beds also went down by a couple. So it appears that the curve has flattened. And since I’m superstitious I would like to point out to whoever in the supernatural is in charge of jinxes - that I said “appears” and this is not a certainty - just a very hopeful sign.

The administration reported that the community tracing collaborative has brought on 1,000 employees since it started earlier month and has made contact with about 5,000 people. I’m not really sure why the state is reporting this because this seems like a ridiculously low number. 5 contacts per person over a month just doesn’t seem like something I would be bragging about I’m going to look into what the ROI is on this but I’m betting that I will not be pleased.

One interesting fact is the “experts” originally anticipated that the average person who tested positive would have had close contact with 10 people prior to going into quarantine. But the data from the community tracing reports that on average these people only had close contact with 2 other individuals prior to their positive test. Again, this number seems very low so either the people who tested positive were all doing an awesome job at early social distancing or this data is seriously flawed. And I know a few people who are working in this program and their numbers are significantly higher - so something definitely does not make sense. Just because we are in the midst of a crisis does not mean that we should be wasting taxpayer money and we still must demand accountability.

And on a very scary note - 900,000 Massachusetts residents have applied for unemployment since this crisis has begun. That is 25% of our total workforce from two months ago. Holy bleep… anyone who thinks I’m over reacting on my fears of the economy not being able to rebound has never studied economics. And this is being further complicated by the federal government adding on an additional $600 per week to benefits. While this is helping a lot of people, the reality is that it is also is a disincentive for folks to return to work if they can make the same if not more by staying home.

One of my best friends wrote me earlier tonight a deeply heartfelt letter about his thoughts and experiences during this pandemic and I decided to steal part of his message and extrapolate on it a bit.

I believe in a higher power and I believe in my fellow man. That is not to say that I reject science. Science is fundamental, essential, and has allowed us to achieve such remarkable accomplishments. But what has made mankind aspire to such greatness is our having the ability to harness faith, hope, and love. And while science may hold the cure of this disease - it is our humanity that drives this science. Faith, hope, love - all creating the energy that is propelling us further to find a solution - not for ourselves, but for those that we cherish today as well as for the future generations of tomorrow. This selfless passion must be what remains our core in order to fulfill our purpose in this world.

We remain stronger together, we can achieve great things, we will overcome.


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