Representative Dooley April 29th COVID-19 Update

For you folks that saw me out jogging with the beautiful and vivacious Mrs. State Representative - the reason she was running so far ahead of me had nothing to do with her speed (or my lack of speed) - we were social distance running. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

I posted tonight’s picture because I have noticed a dramatic increase in people being unkind surrounding this crisis lately. Let’s just this out of the way - their attacks, outrage, drama, pearl clutching, death wishing insults are not helping anything. The reality is that there are multiple shades of gray when dealing with this crisis and no one is 100% right or 100% wrong. When confronted with someone you are compelled to school - please take a moment before you drop your words of wisdom all over them and realize that their world view might be very different, the pain they are experiencing might be breaking them, the fear they are feeling might be debilitating - and it is different for every single person.

That person who is freaking out because you are out walking the dog on the street in front of their house without a mask on might being acting this way because their entire world is alone on a ventilator and they heart is breaking with the fear that they will never see them again. Or maybe the person ranting that this isn’t much more than the flu and we need to open the country back up is watching their business that they put their heart and soul as well as every dime into circle the drain. And they don’t know what will happen to his family if they lose everything. There are a million other scenarios - but what I am is trying to say is - take a moment, be kind, smile, and walk away. Sure, there are a few a-holes out there but the reality is that we are all stressed and dealing with our own demons and you arguing them is not going to change their mind. And who knows, maybe you simply smiling and saying you hope they are doing ok might be exactly what they need.

Well, the downward trend ended today with reported deaths being 252 bringing the total to 3,405. Newly reported cases were also up slightly with 1,963 new positives being reported. ICU cases went up by 6 people while the percent currently hospitalized when down by 1 percent (from 7% to 6%). Not a huge difference but we gotta take the wins where we can. But the spike and strain on resources has not happened and that is huge.

Nationally we broke the 1 million mark on those who tested positive for COVID19 and 57,505 people have passed away nationwide at least in part due to the virus.

Not much info regarding new news from the state today. But I did get an email from a senior vice president from Pfizer telling me about the fact drugmakers are proceeding on finding a vaccine much faster than they ever expected and they are starting trials next week. Their German partner BioNtech SE started testing earlier this week. Also Johnson and Johnson is expecting to start human trials in September. This is great information as it puts us on a path for a vaccine months if not years ahead of schedule.

Thank you all your support and great stories. We are doing great, coming together, and showing the rest of the state what a wonderful community we are. Keep the faith and keep smiling. You are not alone and we will get through this. Stay positive, stay strong, and as always, if there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.


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