Representative Dooley April 28th COVID-19 Update

Thank you to the several people who came by today and dropped off toilet paper for me since I am a delicate flower. My wife has informed me that instead of complaining about generic toilet paper I should talk about how much I dislike my mortgage payment and see if people drop off bags of cash instead. I have to humor her after the photo I posted last night, I have hidden the hair clippers but I am still anticipating some level of revenge.

A slight surprise coming off the weekend is that reporting of deaths continued to drop as 150 passed away in the past 24 hours (3,153 since the start of the crisis). Although the reported positives ticked up slightly with new cases being 1,840 positives - an increase of 2% in test to positive ratio.

ICU cases dropped by 72 to a total statewide of 1,005 while overall hospitalization rates remained at 7% while actual hospitalized cases dropped by 17.

I’m sure you all know by now that Governor Baker extended the stay at home advisory and essential work order until May 18th. While this isn’t what I had hoped for it wasn’t as bad as I feared. I understand it is hard to balance everything going on but I had really hoped he was going to announce some plans on how the phase in was going to take place with at least some rough timeframes as opposed to kicking the can down the road.

I have to admit I was disappointed to learn of the creation of the “reopening advisory board” as I would have hoped this was already in place and was hard at work - especially considering the tentative reopening date was only a week away. I respect the Governor and I realize he has an overwhelming set of tasks to handle during this crisis but I think we should have had part of our government planing on getting the economy back on track from day one and I expected that they would be advising on what restrictions could and could not be adjusted - either up or down. Without this team we are operating in a vacuum and only addressing one aspect of this crisis. As I have said from the beginning - while it may seem cold - we need to be weighing all the options and looking at them from a comprehensive standpoint.

I do believe that over the past month we have enough information that some businesses could have been re-opened that easily could provide social distancing such as golf courses and other outdoor activities with common sense guidelines. I think it is imperative that government be judicious in any exercise of power over individual freedoms and if they do not have a significant basis for their decision, then they should acquiesce and remove said restriction. It may seem like a little thing, but I am convinced when people begin to see government overreach and not practicing common sense, they will start to rebel and their authority will begin to be resented and ignored.

But we are still on the cusp - so I will bite my tongue and stay the course. And, in a further attempt to shamelessly get out of the doghouse; at times like these I am reminded of my wife’s family’s motto- “Resolve Well and Persevere”. And the noble purpose that humanity has resolved to conquer is this virus and we must persevere on the path we have taken. We have seen great success and to divert prematurely could have disastrous consequences. And the one thing I know for certain is that no one knows for certain the exact best course of action that should be taken to achieve the perfect balance of freedom, liberty, economy, security, and well being in these uncertain times.

As I have said repeatedly, I often question the decisions that have been made during this crisis but I do not doubt the sincerity and forthrightness with which these decisions were reached. None of us can imagine the magnitude of weighing the life of a person over the liberty of another - knowing that no matter how well intentioned, there is a counterpoint that is equally valid. Enough of the philosophizing, time for bed.

Teaser - I’m working on a big project which I will be able to announce in a day or two which will have a huge impact on thousands of families in need - so keep me in your prayers that I can pull it off. I know many of you are frustrated and scared; but if we keep doing what we are doing - the numbers will continue to drop and we will be able to start getting back to normal. The last thing anyone wants is to jump back in a week too early and negate all of our hard work. I know it is hard but keep the faith. We are in this together and we will make it through. Everyday we get closer to the goal (yes, moving the goal is a bit maddening) but the real goal is to save lives - and we are achieving that.

Thank you and God Bless!


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