Representative Dooley April 27th COVID-19 Update

So- I took Friday night off, date night with the wife- I opted for old school, pizza and a movie. Pretended we were in high school hanging out on the couch, although instead of having her dad come down to interrupt our alone time it was the kids who then ended up curled up with us as it evolved into family movie night. Even better. Then, last night I wrote a post that was so epic centuries from now there would be entire college courses devoted to analyzing it but when I hit post - “poof” it was gone. I’m not necessarily a conspiracy theorist but I’m convinced that it was a secret cabal that hacked my computer and erased it as my truth bombs were too awesome to be spread amongst the masses. or I hit the wrong button. Either way, it was after midnight and I didn’t have it in me to re-write it.

What i’m going to try to do tonight is do a top of the trees summary for the weekend. While there is still a lot of upsetting news, the positive is that the reporting seems to be showing that the surge has stabilized and is hopefully starting to decrease. The deaths over the past 3 days were Friday: 196 , Saturday: 174, and Today - 169 bringing the total Massachusetts residents that have passed away since this crisis started at 2,899.

The total cases on Friday were 4,946, Saturday 2,379, and today 1,590 which brings the total of positive cases to 54,938. The percentage of testing to positives for these days were 26%, 20%, and 17% respectively. ICU rates have ticked up slightly to 1,077 after 3 days of decreases but total hospitalization rates have remained at 7% which is significantly lower than a week ago.

1,632 of those that passed away were in nursing homes which represents approximately 56% of all deaths. Although only 18% (10,031) of those that are infected live in a Long Term Care /Nursing home facilities. The average age of those who succumbed to the virus remains at 82 and 98% had a preexisting / complicating issue.

Governor Cuomo a couple of days ago shared a story about a farmer from Kansas that sent him a singular N95 mask. The farmer wrote that he had 8 masks and only needed 7 for his family and had heard that New York was incredibly short of PPE so he wanted to share it with someone in need. The moral of the story was that although we as a nation are suffering, the goodness and the generosity of our people will see us through. Now, I’m always somewhat suspect when a politician tells one of these stories, but then today I had one of my own. Earlier this afternoon, a wonderful woman (who I don't know at all) wrote me to let me know that she and her husband received some money that they weren’t expecting from the federal stimulus package. She wrote that she was confident that someone else needed this money more than they did and wanted to donate it to a person or an organization who could use it and it would make a difference and asked me to help put them in touch with the best option. I was blown away. We really do have some amazing people in our country and this is the spirit that will see us through this difficult time. I am so proud of our little part of the world with everyone going above and beyond to help one another, even if that is simply staying at home.

And in that very spirit - I guess my challenge to everyone this week is try to make practice some random act of kindness, make a generous, unexpected gift. It doesn't need to be of riches or anything grandiose - just giving of yourself. Maybe make someone cookies, or offer to do some shopping; maybe call a nursing home and see if anyone is in the need of someone to chat with, or maybe write a letter ( for those of you scratching your head as to what the heck is a letter - its this thing that people used to do with paper and pen - although you will need to get a stamp, but I digress) to someone that you haven't spoken to in forever as they aren't on social media. Anyway, I promise - what ever you end up doing it will pay you back a thousand fold and it will feed your heart and lighten your soul - something we all can use a little more of anyway.

And let’s hope and pray that the trend continues downward and we get moving toward the first phase of getting things back on track. That being said, the reason we are here is that everyone has been doing so well, so let’s not let success slip from our fingertips now. Keep washing your hands and doing the social distancing thing. I know we are all getting a little stir crazy, but the better we do now, the faster we will get on the path to normalcy.

Have a great week and keep the faith.


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