Representative Dooley April 13th COVID-19 Update

I'm back! I was having such an amazing Easter I just didn't have it in me to write last night. I have been surprised how much it takes out of me. As I said before it is cathartic but it also comes with a certain level of anger, heartache, and other emotions that drain me more than I ever thought they would.

As of writing this there are 120,000 powers outages across the state. Most of the outages in our area are small scale and are currently being worked on. I've been on the phone with National Grid and Eversource all afternoon and so far their response has been very good. And they have gotten over 50% of those who lost power back up and have crews throughout my 6 towns currently working. If you have any questions or if you aren't having any luck getting a response, please let me know and I will call my contacts.

It's funny, the power being out seems like such a trivial thing now that we are all battling this virus and worried about our loved ones. Although, if we have to go too long without the internet, my boys might be quarantined in a tent in the backyard.

88 people passed away today with the youngest being in their 30's bringing the total Massachusetts residents that have succumbed to this virus to 844. There were 5,319 new tests today bringing the total tested to 122,049. 26,867 people have tested positive (1,392 today) and 2,340 have been hospitalized.

Governor Baker announced that he would be joining a multi-state coalition on how to re-open the economy when this epidemic is behind us. While details are pretty sketchy - I tend to not be a fan of joining compacts with other states as I worry that while we should be willing to help our neighbors; as the government of Massachusetts - our full force and energy should be focused on helping Massachusetts and its citizens. By joining a compact with others we take our eye off the prize and if there is something that is not in our state's best interest, then what? I'm a small government guy and creating another layer between us and the feds, while maybe a good soundbite, doesn't make sense and unnecessarily complicates coordination. And not for nothing, I don't trust New York or New Jersey to put our best interests first.

A friend wrote this next piece and it resonated with me so I told him I was going to steal it.

I pray when this is over that we don't back to normal. I pray the next time a friend pulls me in for a hug I take the time to appreciate the gift of their embrace / I pray when the kids go back to school and we are dropping off the kiddos, that we take the time to thank the teachers and staff for their amazing gift to our community / I pray that the next time I'm sitting in a crowded restaurant that I take the time to look around, see all the smiling faces, loud voices, and thank God for the gift of community / I pray that the next time I'm standing in church listening to the voices of praise and worship that I take a moment to thank God for the gift of congregation / I pray that the next time I see or hear of a person who needs prayer - that I pray as passionately and fervently as I have these past few weeks.

And my good news for today - and I'm really blown away by this - the amazing local company Charles River Apparel, called and gave me 1,000 medical masks (not n95 so can't be used in hospitals) to give to my constituents. The world is small and whenever I give away gifts I try to use a local company (often Charles River) and they started following me on social media. They saw I was doing a lot to help people in the community so they wanted me to distribute these masks to those in need. So, if you are a person in my district who is at risk (senior citizen or medically compromised) please PM me or write me at and let me know you need one. I haven't quite figured out how I will get them all out to people, but figuring that part out will keep me out of trouble. LOL

Well, have a great night and keep doing what you are doing. This is probably going to be a hard week but if we can stick together and keep encouraging one another- we will be stronger together.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter - keep the Faith!


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