Representative Dooley April 8th Covid-19 Update

Another day fighting this battle. Still getting a lot of numbers although the flow of information is still somewhat suspect. Fed says one thing, state says another, data says a third. I realize some of it is due to the lack of communication created by the shear volume and there is also difference in interpretation of said data - but other information still appears to be deliberately vague. Very frustrating. How come anything big government does can never be smooth and simple?

77 more deaths were attributed to the coronavirus today. Again a majority were over age 60 with pre-existing conditions but 1 person who died was in their 40's and 4 in their 50's. This brings the total to 433 who died and also tested positive for COVID-19.

It is interesting that I spoke to a physician today and he was skeptical of the numbers, as anyone who was positive of COVID-19 is being classified as dying from COVID-19 whereas he felt that some people died of their other condition and the virus just exasperated their situation. I'm sure he was just looking it from a clinical standpoint and I'm no expert - but it was a very interesting take. It is curious how some other countries and breaking out these cases and only reporting stats if they ascertain that they died primarily from the virus. Not saying one is right and one is wrong - but it might explain all the seemingly conflicting global information.

I got a call tonight from one of my friends in DC letting me know that the feds are releasing another 100 vents and they are on way to Massachusetts. They had a very different view from our Governor. They said that the emergency federal supply was being shifted from place to place based on actual need and shortage as opposed to wants or projections. They are trying not to release everything they have to a community that may not actually be using them - and suddenly get caught flatfooted as a hotspot pops up that is actually in need and then they have to try and get them released from Massachusetts. That might be easier said than done - I know I would be hesitant to release ventilators if I was worried our citizens might have a need in the next few days or weeks. It is an interesting balancing act and after speaking with FEMA I was actually more calm. While I wish we had a ton of extra ventilators from a selfish point of view - it does make sense that they are holding many until there is an imminent need.

If you happened to go to a grocery store today you already learned the Governor Baker has ordered them to limit the number of patrons allowed in at a given time to create additional distancing. Stores are to limit customers to 40% of their stated occupancy limits. So, be prepared to have a little longer time at la groceria- and remember to practice social distancing while waiting in line as well.

New Hotline Number for people who have family in rest homes / nursing homes to provide them with information and additional resources they may need. 617-660-5399

An additional mobile testing site for medical workers and first responders opened today at the Big E in West Springfield. This is in addition to the one at Gillette Stadium that opened earlier this week.

Everyday the testing is expanded which is so imperative to get a handle on where everything is headed.

And as always, I never cease to be amazed by the generosity of people in our community - 12 boys from KP High School have started a fundraiser to help people in need with unexpected medical bills. With many of the barbershops and hair dressers being closed, they created the quarantine challenge of growing out your hair as long as possible and donating to this cause to help those in need. All of the proceeds will go to the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. If you want to donate, please click this link.

And for my Norfolk friends - do not be alarmed if you see a giant rabbit riding through town on Sunday morning on a firetruck. I have heard through one of my top secret contacts that the Easter Bunny will be driving around visiting (or at least waving from a safe distance) to the children of Norfolk on Sunday morning. If you would like to let Norfolk Fire know that they should try and swing by your house - please call 508-528-3207. Huge kudos to one of the greatest guys I know - David Holmes and all the guys on Norfolk Fire for giving up there free time to make a bunch of kids (and adults) smile.

We are making progress. The curve is not as steep as once projected and that is thanks to all of your hard work. Every day we do our part it gets a little better. So know that this temporary aggravation is actually helping. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting a little brighter.

Stay strong, stay vigilant!


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