2019-2020 Session

H.4284 An Act providing for rent regulation and control of evictions in mobile home park accommodations in the town of Plainville

H.4249 An Act relative to automobile and motorcycle accidents

H.4054 An Act exempting certain positions in the police department of the town of Plainville from the civil service law

H.4053 An Act exempting the police chief of the town of Plainville from the civil service law

H.3915 An Act designating and transferring certain land in the town of Norfolk for conservation, open space, water supply protection, and recreation purposes

HD.4535 An Act relative to combating the opioid epidemic

HD.4454 An Act relative to inspections for new vehicles and motorcycles

HD.4410 An Act relative to dry needling

HD.4336 An Act relative to the payment of rent while awaiting a court proceeding

HD.4335 An Act relative to firefighters and sarcoidosis

H.3896 An Act ensuring fairness in local MBTA assessments

H.3769 An Act instituting the death penalty for the murder of law enforcement officers

H.4036 An Act establishing a charter for the town of Plainville

HD.4077 An Act relative to the medical expense tax deduction

H.109 An Act creating a licensing process for personal care attendants

H.110 An Act banning conversion therapy

H.225 An Act authorizing the town of Plainville to grant additional licenses for the sale of alcoholic beverages

H.226 An Act relative to the establishment of a commission for fairness in liquor licensing

H.368 An Act to responsibly protect employment and revenue derived from the Commonwealth’s gaming industry

H.433 An Act establishing mandatory school lockdown drills in the Commonwealth

H.434 An Act relative to civic test requirements for graduation

H.647 An Act relative to how Electoral College votes are delegated

H.648 An Act regulating certain activities at polling locations

H.649 An Act to decrease waiting times at polling places

H.650 An Act relative to public information requests

H.651 An Act limiting campaign contributions of non-natural persons

H.652 An Act authorizing the establishment of a special election guarantee fund

H.756 An Act to establish a study of Kingsbury Pond in the town of Norfolk

H.959 An Act requiring continual coverage of prescription medication

H.1268 An Act relative to the definition of consistent with local needs in chapter 40B

H.1269 An Act relative to correctional facilities and affordable housing

H.1270 An Act promoting workforce housing

H.1271 An Act expanding the definition of affordable housing

H.1397 An Act regulating the sale and purchase of butane and propane

H.1398 An Act relative to speedy trials

H.1399 An Act relative to parenting time

H.1400 An Act ensuring the enforcement of mandatory minimums for firearm related crimes

H.1611 An Act relative to the payment of terminated employees

H.1612 An Act creating a youth wage

H.1613 An Act allowing legislative employees to unionize

H.1711 An Act providing for the treatment of overdose victims

H.1870 An Act relative to requiring trauma kits in public buildings

H.2055 An Act relative to the lawful return of property

H.2056 An Act relative to increasing hotel and motel safety

H.2057 An Act relative to American Sign Language Training