Medfield Patch: Medfield residents – State Reps pledging to oppose Dale St. 40B project

State Senator, James Timilty and State Representative, Shawn Dooley are supporting the efforts of Medfield residents opposing proposed 40B.

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Today I spoke with a staff member from State Senator Timilty’s office. I was pleased to hear that James Timilty is also strongly opposed to the mammoth Dale St project. I was also pleased to hear that Mr. Timilty has been actively trying to stop this on behalf of our town. I want to share a letter from Sept 19th to The Department of Housing and Community Development. Senator Timilty is hoping to make it to the meeting on the 18th hopefully if enough of us call his office and voice our concerns with his wonderful staff he can make it a priority to be there. The more angles we work the better off we are.

Letter to Steve Caskey from Shawn Dooley, State Representative.

Secretary Ash and I were chatting about this earlier in the week and we are going to meet next week to discuss further. 40B et al falls under his umbrella so having him as a close friend can’t hurt. The downside is we are very limited in what we can do because of the law. This is a law that has outlived its usefulness and is manipulated by developers to shove bad projects down the citizens’ throats in order to make a buck.

I’m also in touch with the Selectmen and we are looking at other things the town can do to prevent this from happening. Anything I can do in my power to help Medfield fix this problem I will do. I’m all in; if you think of anything else, please let me know. Every angle that we can work the better.

Letter to Steve Caskey from the Office of State Senator, James Timilty.

Hi Steve,

Thanks so much for reaching out. Attached is the letter. Thanks again and we will chat soon! Feel free to keep me updated if you hear of anything, and I am hoping the Senator can make it on the 18th.

Molly Sullivan
Legislative Director
Office of State Senator James E. Timilty
State House; Room 507


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